Our Company Video Is Ready!

After many long brainstorming sessions and two-and-a-half days of filming in Stockach (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland) we are delighted to now present you with the finished product.And of course we would like to take the opportunity to thank the following people that contributed to the success of this exciting project:

  • The film producers: Udo Görisch from TAKE IT MEDIA GmbH and Joerg Schiele
  • Our wonderful actors (in order of appearance): Christoph Nuebel, Johanna Fischer-Rasokat, Paul Nuebel and Andreas Dauwalter
  • Our business partner Andreas Abel from BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG for providing his testimonial
  • Andreas Heller Consulting for editing the text

And of course the amazing DIALUNOX team for taking part in the video shoot despite their busy schedules.

Please take a look at our video; we think you’ll really enjoy it.

Also available on YouTube