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A Bit of Christmas Poetry with ChatGPT

Did you hear about this new sensation – chatbot called ChatGPT? It has gone viral since OpenAI released this text-based artificial intelligence tool last month.

The application opportunities of this Chatbot are insane. You want some answers on point-of-care testing? There you go…Fluorescence measurement? No problem…

Michael Doumanas has tested it out for us und was astonished by the quality of the answers. The best thing was however the X-Mas poem dedicated to DIALUNOX as a contract manufacturer and its engineering services. Check it out:

At DIALUNOX, we’re the best,
A point-of-care contract manufacturer,
With engineering services, we pass the test,
And bring peace of mind to every tester.

We use the latest technology,
To make rapid tests a reality,
And with our team of engineers,
We make sure our quality is top-notch, naturally.

So here’s to DIALUNOX, on this joyous day,
May your Christmas be filled with cheer,
And may the new year bring success and growth,
For you and all those who work here.

We loved it!

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