Rapid Testing Innovation Award

QIAGEN Lake Constance GmbH (now DIALUNOX GmbH) and DCN DX are very happy to announce the third Rapid Testing Innovation Award, which will be presented at a virtual event on October 28, 2020. This well-established and estimated trophy recognizes and incentivizes creativity and entrepreneurship in the filed of rapid testing with the goal to positively impacting human health, veterinary or environmental testing, biological, chemical or radiological defense, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food safety and any other area where a rapid test can be used.

Applications are invited from academic, government or corporate individuals or groups, subject to the regulations of the institutions employing those individuals and groups, which demonstrate a novel innovation or application for point of care tests.

The innovation does not necessarily have to be a marketed product. However, it must be beyond the conceptual stage and far enough along in development that data can be provided. Please be aware that the award is a recognition of work that has been performed and not a funding mechanism for future work.

The Rapid Testing Innovation Award is donated with a cash prize of $10’000.

Note: The winner is solely responsible for any taxes, fees or withholding by the winner’s national or local government or institutions. DCN Dx and QIAGEN Lake Constance (DIALUNOX) assume no liability.

We are looking forward to receiving your solicitations!

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