By Olga Nuebel
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Pioneering Progress: Exploring the DLX LIFE Work Culture

In a world that’s constantly evolving, DIALUNOX strives not just to keep up but to redefine how we work. With the introduction of our new work culture “LIFE”, we are setting an innovative standard for flexibility, progress, and employee empowerment.

What Does “LIFE” Mean?

“LIFE” stands for Leadership, Idea, Future, and Empowerment. Each letter represents a core value of our work philosophy:

  • Leadership: In LIFE, leadership means that every employee gets the chance to lead both themselves and their team, independent of traditional hierarchies.
  • Idea: Every idea matters. At DIALUNOX, creativity is paramount and everyone’s voice is significant in discussions and decision-making.
  • Future: We invest in the future through continuous education and the development of new tools and processes that help us meet both current and future goals.
  • Empowerment: Empowerment in LIFE means greater self-determination and individual influence on work processes and decisions within the team.

The LIFE Charter

Our charter emphasizes a collective approach: “LIFE is not a destination, but the journey.” We firmly believe that all team members are equally valuable and that the best decisions are made together. Our work is a constant journey of personal and corporate development.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but in the past, I’ve often heard around the company: ‘I would have done it differently, but the project leader or my boss decided it this way.’ This is precisely why we are introducing LIFE, a new way of working that, through innovative tools, facilitates and simplifies collective decision-making and the distribution of responsibilities. Roberto Spricigo, Senior Business Development Manager

Practical Implementation of LIFE

The LIFE concept is designed to empower employees through structured yet flexible roles and responsibilities. Here’s how it’s practically implemented:

  • Team Monitor and Agenda: Essential tools like the Team Monitor help track progress on tasks, while the Team Agenda ensures that meetings are structured to maximize efficiency and inclusiveness.
  • Role Distribution: Each member takes on specific roles such as Host, Documenter, and Timekeeper, tailored to their strengths and career aspirations. This promotes a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • Consensus Decision Making: Decisions are made through consensus rather than hierarchy. Tools like the decision matrix or consensus workshops facilitate this process, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

LIFE offers a platform where YOU can take more personal responsibility and influence. Through LIFE, a new agility and flexibility in processes emerge, which you help to shape. LIFE enhances the skills of each individual, and YOU are at the forefront with your strengths! Instead of people with different authorities, LIFE focuses on different roles and the fact that decisions are made as a team!You are LIFE! Melanie Manus, People Lead Software Engineering

Working Process of a LIFE Team

A LIFE team navigates through initiation, operation, and conclusion phases with clear expectations and responsibilities:

  • Initiation: The team is formed with a clear mission and objectives. Roles are assigned based on the project needs and individual skills.
  • Operation: Regular check-ins and updates ensure that the team remains on track. Resource management is crucial, with team members responsible for monitoring budget and timelines.
  • Conclusion and Retrospective: Upon project completion, a retrospective analysis helps identify successes and areas for improvement. The team presents their outcomes to stakeholders, receiving feedback that informs future projects.


LIFE at DIALUNOX is more than just a method of work; it is a philosophy that aims to see and integrate each employee as an individual. Through LIFE, a new dynamic and flexibility is created in the way we work and interact. Welcome to a workplace that inspires, empowers, and continuously innovates.

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