Smart Home Lab – a Helpful Alternative to a Physician’s Office

What if the laboratory came home to you?

Latest since the corona pandemic, the subject of “selftests” and “rapid tests” has finally reached a broad public. While previously it was more of a topic for chronic patients (e.g. diabetics) or for occasional tests (e.g. pregnancy test), we now see a clear trend. The determination of own body values, disease parameters or prevention markers is no longer a matter for doctors only, but is increasingly being carried out on patient’s own initiative.

You do not necessarily have to develop symptoms that make the self-testing mandatory. Especially in the area of ​​lifestyle, fitness or early detection of markers that require closer inspection, a low-threshold and convenient test option at home can be a helpful alternative to visiting a doctor’s office.

Such factors as self-determination of the timing and place for a test play an important role. After all, no employee can afford making an appointment at a physician’s at 10:15 am during the week, travel 10 km (or more) to get there, wait 30 minutes to provide the sample and then, days later, schedule another appointment to discuss the results!

Smart Home Lab can be a possibility that allows users in a very simple way to determine certain parameters themselves, even quantitatively. The results obtained can be conveniently shared and discussed with the physician on the phone or via online meeting tool.

Did we get your interest? Let us know your opinion, your experiences and your suggestions and what you would personally think of such a system.