By Olga Nuebel
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Green Initiatives at DIALUNOX

Environmental sustainability is fundamental to the survival of our planet and ourselves. Many companies have recognized its importance and have implemented various strategies to reduce their impact on the environment and become more eco-friendly.  

DIALUNOX is also on-board with this. The company very soon recognized the need for a clear roadmap that would tie business priorities with green initiatives. We came up with a group of employees – the DLX Green team – who developed and prioritized various actions that would integrate sustainability throughout every area of our business.  

Here are a few examples on what actions have been undertaken by DIAUNOX in order to improve its ecological footprint: 

E-mobility: each DIALUNOX employee can take part in a leasing program allowing to order company e-bikes or regular bikes – the most environmentally friendly and quietest means of transport. By using this program the company not only motivates its employees to use more sustainable mobility, but also promote their health through more fun and more exercise.  

Also the drivers of e-cars are at advantage. There are three charging stations at the company premises that can be used by DIALUNOX employees for free.  This generous offer has motivated some of the employees to replace their own car and switch to the emission-free way of commuting.  

The possibility of recharging my electric car at the company was the key factor in my deciding to buy one. (Markus Egle, Lead Software Engineer)

Green energy: our electricity-generation portfolio is comprised of the solar panels that are installed on the rooftop of our company building and the green electricity that we purchase from municipal utilities. We plan to further expand the solar installations and reach 100% renewable electricity in 2023. Investing in onsite solar isn’t just a prestige project. It makes use of un-used space and ensures cost-efficient supply of electricity.  

Employee engagement: DIALUNOX fosters a culture of sustainability at all levels and encourages its employees to support local environmental initiatives.  

This summer, the DIALUNOX team has taken part in the Stadtradeln competition and reached impressive number 6 (out of 22) on the list, this way making its contribution to the reduction of CO2.  

Inspired by the World Clean-up Day which took place in September this year, 12 DIALUNOX employees decided to roll their sleeves up and tackle the global waste problem on a local basis. Equipped with rubbish tongs, trash bags and buckets, and split into three teams, they went ahead and collected waste in the various areas of Stockach. Within three hours they collected 16 trash bags with plastic, paper, glass and residual waste.  

Small steps matter! It is up to each and everyone of us to contribute to a more sustainable world.  

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