By Jonathan Senft
Read time: 17 min

Current Applications and Future Prospects of Spectroscopy with Focus on Point of Need Usage

The below white paper was written by the intern student at DIALUNOX, Jonathan Senft.

In many different applications Optical Spectroscopy has proven itself as a rapid and non-invasive measurement method which allows its users to generate useful information in terms of atomic composition or the molecular structure of analytes. In recent years new developments in fields of data processing and microfabrication led to a boom of handheld spectroscopic devices for quick measurements directly at the point of action. With more and more scientific recognitions about the capabilities of spectroscopic measurements especially in the clinical sector, spectroscopy should be considered as a fitting measurement method for the integration within Point of Care- Devices. Point of Care or Point of Need Tests are capable to deliver quick results with low to none further sample preparation and no special expertise needed. With the possibility to check certain parameters e.g. of patients, water quality or material composition directly at the place of action. A lot of time can be saved because no transport times to centralized laboratories become obsolete. Especially in the case of a medical emergency every minute counts, the earlier the treating doctor receives health related values the earlier individual treatment can be started and the chances of a successful treatment can be maximized. Read more.

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