The Advanced Lateral Flow Course: Learn More About Wearable Diagnostics

The Advanced Lateral Flow Course starts soon and will cover essential topics in the area of modern diagnostic possibilities. Look forward to the talk of Christian Fischer, Senior Product Manager at QIAGEN Lake Constance! „Mobile and Wearable Diagnostics: How Disruptive will Mobile Dx be in regulated and unregulated spaces?” This talk will cover and discuss actual trends in the field of mobile diagnostics. Disruptive success and spread of smartphones worldwide combined with new biosensors and the possibility to share data worldwide, form a new field in diagnostics, called “mobile health” (mHealth). These new possibilities have the potential to change also habits of user and patients e.g. 24/7 availability of diagnosis and anamnesis via health kiosks or telemedicine.
Furthermore, this talk will cover the opportunities of data analysis and data geotagging and discuss the value of these analysis in an interview with an expert in that field.