Our Yearly Donations

Helping can be so life-changing and gratifying. Not only to the ones that receive the support but also to the ones that provide help. That’s why DIALUNOX donates to local charity organizations whose members work on a daily basis to bring LIGHT to the LIVES of those in need.

These are the charities that DIALUNOX decided to support this year:

Förderverein für Kinder mit dem Förderschwerpunkt Sprache Stockach e.V.: this organization supports Sonnenland school in Stockach that ensures optimal learning conditions for children with special speech, language and communication needs. For more information, click here.

Kulturbrücke Stockach e.V.: this association provides help to refugees living in the Stockach area. One of their recent projects is LERNbrücke, where children from migrant families and families with socially disadvantaged background can get free-of-charge help with their home assignments or any other individual school projects. The association was able to recruit three former teachers as well as some high-school students for this purpose. Click here for further details.

Hilfe für Menscen in der Ukraine e.V.: this non-profit organization has an established contact with a few municipal communities in Ukraine, located in Carpathian region, close to Hungarian border. For more than 20 years, the volunteers have been delivering aid supplies and participating financially in various projects such as school renovations, providing of water supplies and many more. Needless to say that their support has become even more crucial since the start of the war in Ukraine. Find out more.